About Gold Coast Property Management

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Gold Coast Property Management is a State of California Licensed Realtor.  We have extensive real estate experience in Southern California, particularly in Ventura County.  Our other company, Gold Coast Commercial Real Estate, has been providing realtor services to the commercial real estate market for over 10 years.

Our experience, dedication, and training allow us to offer our property management services to property owners throughout the area. Gold Coast Property Management provides complete property management in Ventura County for a wide array of residential and commercial properties. Additionally, our website lists residential and commercial properties for rent and lease.

Residential Rentals

Are you looking to find a house for rent in Ventura County or Santa Barbara County? Our website is a top source for house rentals, apartment rentals, condominium rentals, and other residential rentals. Experience everything the Ventura area has to offer with an apartment close to downtown dining, shopping, and entertainment. Or, if you’re looking for something more long-term, opt for a spacious, two-story single family home in Camarillo. Whatever your tastes and budget, you can browse through our residential Ventura County rentals listings here.

Commercial Rentals and Leases

We make finding the perfect commercial lease in Ventura County or Santa Barbara County easier and quicker for you. Whether you are looking for industrial, retail, office, or mixed use commercial properties for lease, we have something for you. Open a new location in Simi Valley’s Charleston Plaza, a commercial strip with retail and office space, or take advantage of the student population as part of College Square next to Ventura College. Browse through our commercial Ventura County rentals listings here.


Gold Coast Property Management is an experienced and professional property manager serving all types of residential and commercial property owners. Our goal is to provide you with the level of service that you would expect if we owned the property. We provide the complete array of property management services, such as handling all tenant issues, including collecting rent, handling calls for property repairs and maintenance, marketing your rentals and leases, and more. We also put our market analysis and advertising expertise to good use, drawing in the most ideal tenants via social media and traditional marketing materials.

View our property management services page to discover how we can help you better than most other choices. If you’re looking for a commercial property or a house for rent, view our Ventura County rentals listings.