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Ventura County is prized for its cool ocean breezes, its safety, and above all, its prime real estate.

Camarillo is one of the most beloved cities in Southern California, so it’s no wonder that Camarillo rentals are suddenly becoming so popular. As one of Ventura County’s most famous and sought-after towns, Camarillo offers a tranquil environment for both families and businesses alike. Its rural fields and farmlands give residents the laidback, calm feel of the nation’s Midwest, while a 20-mile excursion to the west takes you to the vast and beautiful Pacific, where you can enjoy cool air, sandy beaches, and a whole lot more.

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With all it offers, it’s no surprise that Gold Coast Property Management, one of the most respected property management and rental companies in California, would choose Camarillo as the base of its headquarters. At GCPM, we understand the beauty, serenity, and versatility Camarillo brings to its residents. With so much to do and see, people are traveling to the city in droves to get a piece of that lavish Ventura County action, and we have the properties they’re all looking for.

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Maybe you’re single and looking for deals on one-bedroom apartments, or you’re trying to find that two-story home in a gated community to keep your family safe, or maybe you’re seeking a brand-new office environment where your business can flourish. We offer residential and commercial properties to fit every budget, so check out our website and browse some of our Camarillo offerings before they’re all gone.

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Our dedication, training, and overall experience gives us a competitive advantage over other Southern California property management companies. As a California state-licensed realtor, Gold Coast Property Management, along with our partner company Gold Coast Commercial Real Estate, have been serving the Ventura County area for over ten years, and we don’t plan on stopping now.

We strive hard to satisfy the needs of all our clients, so rest assured we’ll find you a residential or commercial property that’s bound to fit your specific requirements! We also offer complete property management services throughout the county, including maintenance, preparing lease agreements and rental applications, and even property inspection. You can trust us to provide a clean, safe property for you and yours.

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If you’re in the market for a new rental property, and you’re eager for a little taste of Camarillo all your own, give us a call at (805) 273-9555, or email us at

You can also stop by our office for a face-to-face chat. We’re located at 340 Rosewood Avenue, Suite Q, Camarillo, CA 93010. Just come on in, and one of our qualified, knowledgeable representative will be happy to sit down and help you find the perfect rental.

There’s satisfaction to be had for all Camarillo residents, so pick up the phone and call!